We seek to establish a relationship that allows us to go beyond the commercial transaction and thus transform ourselves into collaborators who are fully compromised with the generation of integrated solutions that lead to improving the profitability and performance of your business.

In our Nutrition Unit we specialize in the development of integrated solutions that derive from the in-depth analysis we make of the particular conditions of your company. We offer you an integral accompaniment that begins from the formulation of diets and continues on to the management of primary materials, biosecurity and feeding programs. We also offer you counseling on plant production, farms and result monitoring.

Success stories

Reduction of mortality


The challenge

Producing company of chickens for fattening, from the Colombian coast, had a mortality rate between 20% and 30%. According to them, due to the diet being given to the birds.


Mortality was reduced by 3% and the conversion parameters, as well as the gaining of weight increased. The comfort of the animals improved significantly.

How did we do it?

We began by making some nutritional adjustments. However, the problem persisted. At that moment we knew that it was necessary for us to dig deeper to find the root causes. We worked hand in hand with our management specialist, who performed a detailed study of the case and proposed to make some further technical adjustments to the poultry housing.

Supported by our area of Development and Innovation, we provided the company with an integral and interdisciplinary accompaniment, which permitted a more efficient productivity.


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