We seek to establish a relationship that allows us to go beyond the commercial transaction and thus transform ourselves into collaborators who are fully compromised with the generation of integrated solutions that lead to improving the profitability and performance of your business.

In our Nutrition Unit we specialize in the development of integrated solutions that derive from the in-depth analysis we make of the particular conditions of your company. We offer you an integral accompaniment that begins from the formulation of diets and continues on to the management of primary materials, biosecurity and feeding programs. We also offer you counseling on plant production, farms and result monitoring.

Success stories



The challenge

A producing and commercializing company of pork meat, with around 8 thousand breeding females, had as its biggest objective improving the potential of the genetic line, which was around 86%, decrease the mortality rate and increase the sanitation processes in the pig pens


The genetic potential was improved. All farms showed results of over 90% efficiency once our plan of action was implemented.

The company achieved saving around 250 million pesos per year by adjusting medication. This in turn contributed with the reduction of the sanitation problems and thus decreased the mortality by 11%.

How did we do it?

Our interdisciplinary team, formed by nutritionists and management and quality specialists, defined a new medication plan with the collaboration of a pathology specialist.

In this way, we designed high-profile nutritional dietary regimens by choosing only primary materials that ensured high digestibility and palatability.

Finally, backed by our Chemical Analysis Lab, our Quality and Acquisitions areas accompanied the company in the search and acquisition of the best primary materials available and contributed with the verification of the quality parameters used in the elaboration of the feed.

The great networking job done between the technical area of the producing company and Premex was also fundamental to achieving the goals. We know that we can always be better by joining forces.


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