We seek to establish a relationship that allows us to go beyond the commercial transaction and thus transform ourselves into collaborators who are fully compromised with the generation of integrated solutions that lead to improving the profitability and performance of your business.

In our Nutrition Unit we specialize in the development of integrated solutions that derive from the in-depth analysis we make of the particular conditions of your company. We offer you an integral accompaniment that begins from the formulation of diets and continues on to the management of primary materials, biosecurity and feeding programs. We also offer you counseling on plant production, farms and result monitoring.

Success stories



The challenge

To decrease the mortality present during the laying period in the batches of layers of a Colombian company. At the end of the process, these birds had a low uniformity and at the onset of productivity there was a high incidence of them who had suffered a prolapse. During the 22nd week, an infectious process began to occur and then, at week 24, there was a high rate of prostrated birds.


Improving the mineralization allowed us to reach up to 90 weeks of productivity from the birds, which generated an economization of $4 per egg at the depreciation point of the bird.

We also improved the uniformity in the hens at the end of process, increased the consumption of feed at the onset of production and a solution was given to the issue of sanitation by networking with the technical team of the Colombian company.

How did we do it?

Understanding the root causes of each of the afore-mentioned problems became crucial so that, in close collaboration with our scientific data analysis team, the company and we could make the most opportune and effective choices.

In order to be able to establish assertive diagnostic plans, we reviewed each of the causes by doing field support activities with the company´s teams and with the help of our Chemical Analysis Lab we evaluated the following: quality, granulometric levels and solubility of the calcium to be administered, the coefficients of mixing, the measures of mineralization of the bones and the levels of calcium and phosphorus in blood, during different parts of the day.

Once we obtained the differential diagnoses, we elaborated plans of action with an interdisciplinary team formed by nutritionists and sanitation and quality specialists who were complemented in the field with by our constant accompaniment.


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