We seek to establish a relationship that allows us to go beyond the commercial transaction and thus transform ourselves into collaborators who are fully compromised with the generation of integrated solutions that lead to improving the profitability and performance of your business.

In our Nutrition Unit we specialize in the development of integrated solutions that derive from the in-depth analysis we make of the particular conditions of your company. We offer you an integral accompaniment that begins from the formulation of diets and continues on to the management of primary materials, biosecurity and feeding programs. We also offer you counseling on plant production, farms and result monitoring.

Success stories


Dedicated to development and technical support

who specialize in aviculture, porciculture, balanced feeding plants, quality of the feeding chain and management of primary materials. They are always at and to support the daily work in the plant and field.

who are always at the disposition of our partners.

who specialize in nutrition and attend to the Latin American market.

  • Nutrition

    The combination of nutritional knowledge with our integral service helps your business to become more efficient and profitable.

    • We develop nutritional programs that go in accordance with your particular needs.
    • We constantly seek new nutritional alternatives that allow us to improve the efficiency in your processes.
    • We identify your specific problems and through nutrition we give a solution to them.
    • We analyze alternative primary materials
  • Acquisiton of Primary Materials

    So that you can make an optimal selection of the providers of primary materials for your business, we give you advice by using the different techniques offered by our Chemical Analysis Laboratory and through the analysis of the different alternatives offered by companies and prices available in the market.

  • Formulation
    • We count with a team of nutritionists who specialize in the different species and who evaluate your primary materials (aminograms and bromatological profiles) and the nutritional requirements to develop solutions that fit your needs, through programs that guarantee diets at a lower cost for you.
    • We ensure a higher level of precision in your formulas to bring you more efficient results.
    • We optimize your costs by using a formulation program that will guarantee a better cost-benefit relationship by making use of the primary materials available in the market.
    • Our primary materials database is constantly updated on its nutritional composition information with the results obtained by our Premex Chemical Analysis Lab and its partner laboratories.
  • Products

    We offer a very broad and complete portfolio of products that are designed specially to supply the biological and technical needs you may have, depending on the species, line, production stage, productivity level and the particular characteristics of your company.

    We design products to fit your needs for the following species:

    Aviculture: Fattening chicken/ Layers/ Reproducing hens

    Aquaculture: Fish/ Shrimp

    Cattle raising: Beef/ Milk/ Double-purpose


    Company Pets: Equines/ Pets

  • Training

    We identify your needs in the productive process and in the management of farms. We also transfer our knowledge to your staff through our Premex Blue Point Training (E.P.A).

    The E.P.A program is designed to bring you constant accompaniment and follow-up in areas that have a high impact on your economical results. We also establish specific objectives and execution times that allow the achievement of the proposed goals.

    We add a strategic element that optimizes your productivity and makes your company more profitable.

  • Accompaniment in your plants

    Our accompaniment in your production plant is focused on the optimization of your productive processes. From the analysis of the primary materials, to the production processes, to the quality management (Traceability, Ocupational Health and Good Manufacturing Practices), our objective is to give you a finished product that meets all the specifications for which the program was designed.

  • Monitoring of your farms

    We carry out periodical visits to farms with the objective of monitoring that the zootechnical parameters, the diets and feeding programs go in accordance with the expected results. This allows us to make opportune decisions that will guarantee the efficiency of your production costs.

  • Monitoring of your results

    The constant analysis of your results allows us to follow up on your proposed goals, evidence improvement opportunities and detect field deficiencies.

    Your data is a very important input that allows us to make opportune and assertive decisions that will enhance the economical results of your company. Thus, Premex counts with the support of its affiliate company “Asimetrix”, whose task is to generate value from the scientific analysis of the data. Learn more about it here

Development + innovation

We focus our efforts on searching for and developing products and we use cutting-edge technology to generate knowledge that will later be transferred to the industry. Our Area of Development + innovation is in charge of concentrating the capacities of the organization to achieve differentiating developments by supporting themselves on the company´s own laboratories, as well as external partners, field experimentation and alliances with universities and research facilities.

The results of our innovation are applied to your company through our technical team, thus guaranteeing your business´s productivity and profitability.


Center D + i in animal nutrition

At Premex we have the Research Center for Animal Nutrition whose task is to evaluate and validate the products and programs used by chicken, porcine and layers´ farms in order to ensure the seeking of the best competitiveness for your business. It also allows us to apply the newest techniques in production that will enhance your cost-benefit. Learn more about this Center here.


Chemical Analysis Laboratory

The Chemical Analysis Laboratory, under the direction of our Area of Development + innovation, offers the necessary technologies to analyze your primary materials and finished products, which allows us to be accurate in the formulation and later verification of the obtained products.

All your results may be consulted online through PremexSquadra, a solution that was designed so that you can access in an agile and completely confidential manner the analyses obtained by our Laboratory.

Likewise, all the primary materials that we use in our process of production are analyzed so ensure we offer the highest quality in all our products.


Impact over profitability

By integrating the processes from our Area of Development + innovation, Technical Assistance, Nutrition and Laboratory, and with the profound knowledge we gain by analyzing your business, we are able to ensure that together with you we will optimize the results of your company.