Our Pets Unit is dedicated to the development, production and marketing of specialized nutritional supplements that contribute to the health, wellness, growth, optimum development and appearance of your pets based on research and knowledge which allows us anticipate global nutrition needs.


Our equine product line is devoted to the development, production and marketing of specialized nutritional supplements that contribute to the health, wellness, growth, optimum development and appearance of your horses based on research and knowledge which allows us to anticipate global nutrition needs.

Our solutions are specifically designed to help your horses with their nutritional needs throughout the different physiological and reproductive stages of their lives, as well as in their competitive activities.

  • Growth and Development

    Our line of supplements will help your horses throughout their different physiological stages: gestation, lactation, growth, physical development and adulthood.

    We provide your horses with the optimum nutritional conditions to achieve healthy growth and a development that suits their phenotype.

    Our objective is to help you raise a strong and healthy foal that will showcase all its genetic and athletic potential when it reaches maturity.

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  • Shows and exhibits

    When displaying the qualities of your horse, they will be judged by established parameters such as race, dressage, vigor, disposition, conformation and overall movements.

    Our supplements will help enhance your horses´ performance in all competitions, highlighting their race, phenotype, physical stamina, beauty, training and performance.

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  • Sports

    You and your horse are a team that requires permanent training and consistent discipline characteristic of sports activities.

    Through our specialized supplementation your horse can develop the required characteristics of an athlete, such as skill, strength, endurance, speed and agility, which will make your horse the best in its category.

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  • Reproduction

    The characteristics that make your horse unique should be passed on to future generations. Our specialized supplementation optimizes reproduction functions to obtain the foals that every breeder wishes for.

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  • Recreation

    You and your horse develop a harmonious relationship that creates an emotional connection. This can be experienced when riding in solitude or in the company of family and friends.

    It is here that our specialized supplementation guarantees the health and wellness of your partner, which in turn strengthens the trust between you and accentuates your horse´s nobleness and docility.

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  • Work

    The support that your horse gives you in different productive activities requires a specialized supplementation that guarantees its adequate muscle development, physical stamina and strength which will help it succeed in its daily work routine.

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  • Organic Minerals / Prokel™ Logo de Prokel

    The specialized supplements of our Premex Equine line include our PROKEL™ Organic Minerals, which are produced taking into account every requirement needed to guarantee their nutritional effectiveness, optimum stability, consistency and maximum bioavailability.

    • Our PROKEL™ Organic Minerals are easily absorbed and have a higher degree of assimilation and retention in your horse´s digestive system than inorganic minerals.

    • Our PROKEL™ Organic Minerals avoid interaction or competition with other minerals in the absorption process and prevent antagonism with other minerals and dietary components.

    • Our PROKEL™ Organic Minerals promote reproductive efficiency.

  • Comprehensive Consultation

    All horses should receive adequate nutrition, rest, recreation, interaction with other horses and a safe, comfortable, secure and peaceful environment.

    Thus, we have developed technical consultation programs where we work with you in comprehensively managing your horse. With our technical consultants, we:

    • Insure that your horse receives optimum supplementation to improve its physical condition, immune system, its performance and its overall attitude.

    • Work with our extensive network of collaborators, veterinarians and caretakers to comprehensively study the care system of your horse, considering the external and internal conditions of its handling.

    • Individually analyze every animal´s physical stage and intended purpose to know the specific nutritional requirements and recommend the supplements from our Equine Line that best fit their needs.

  • Chemical Analysis Lab

    To ensure the constant improvement and innovation in our products and processes, we have created the Premex Chemical Analysis Lab and the Animal Nutrition Center. These are equipped with the necessary technology to analyze raw materials and finished products, allowing the ultra-precision required to design optimum quality products.

    More information on our Chemical Analysis Lab here.



With this guide you can choose the ideal supplement for your equine. 


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