Our culture

Nourishing possibilities

At Premex we wake up with the conviction that every day is an opportunity to build a better world.
This is why our sole purpose is to help our partners to produce more protein, in higher quantity and better quality. We work side by side with the commitment of nourishing possibilities, together.

We build meaningful relationships

We firmly believe in evolving through relationships based on rapport, collaborative work, integrity and humility. Our work is centered on consolidating close and constant ties, always looking to build from diversity.

We are passion

We enjoy and take great pride in our daily activities. We are positive and our speech is optimistic. Our passion for knowledge drives us and we work every day to transform that knowledge into effective solutions that allow us to anticipate the needs of a society that is constantly changing and evolving.

We are Innovative

We are analytic and determined to transform knowledge to drive innovation and generate infinite possibilities.
We know that true change comes from within, so we constantly look for new ways to do things, thinking outside the box and disturbing the status quo. All our efforts are centered on transforming realities, connecting the dots and create with a vision of the future.

We are technology and knowledge

Our commitment is with knowledge, constant learning and individual analysis of each situation to make optimum decisions. We explore and apply new technologies that allow us to develop innovative products in search for excellence and quality.


Collaborators within the Company

With collaborators from 9 different countries, each day we debate and build from cultural diversity.

of the Company is female talent.

Millenials. Young talent that seeks growth, happiness and enjoyment from nurturing the wellness of people.

Contemporary adults who seek harmony and balance to build and share common interests.

It is the way we make our company´s purpose a reality