Nourishing posibilities, together

This is our passion. Daily, we set out to tackle future challenges, providing the industry with the best solutions to produce more protein, of better quality, at lower cost and using less resources, through an exciting process of innovation.

Through research and ever expanding knowledge, we achieve a more efficient and environmentally sustainable production. This will allow the animal protein industry to maintain its commitment to nourish, healthily and sustainably, the more than 8 billion people that will inhabit the Earth over the next decade.

We are truly passionate about human, animal and agricultural nutrition. We understand the great impact that small advancements in productivity and nutritional efficiency, can have on the welfare of millions of people.

Work with us and discover the potential of creating, together!

Key Figures

Our opportunity:
nourish the wellness of more people.

Every day, in different countries, hundreds of people come together as part of the Premex team to work on one common purpose: to nourish people’s wellness.

Our production plants, along with consultants in the field accompanying producers, support teams, researchers following up on the efficiency of animal feeding and developing new products, as well as scientists working towards a more efficient us of nutrients, all collaborate to nourish millions of people, together.

2020 = 8 billion people inhabiting our planet
Producing more food with the same resources while minimizing environmental impact.
1.3 times the size of the Earth Planet

We are passionate about building meaningful relationships and searching for innovative solutions through knowledge and technology.
Throughout our history, it has been important to understand and be prepared to offer our partners the best alternatives to the enormous challenges within the industry while working together to produce more protein, of better quality, at lower costs.
Your growth inspires our transformation and drives us to work by your side every day to build a better world.

Four solid pillars support our evolution

These pillars guide our vision, reinforce our beliefs and determine the focus and actions defined by our company’s objective.


Building strong and meaningful relationships is one of our strongest premises. We understand that only through constant and mutual collaboration can we provide our partners with better alternatives to produce more economic, high quality protein.

Transforming knowledge into effective solutions

When we transform knowledge into effective solutions, we provide more efficient recommendations for both current demands and future needs.

Developing advanced technologies

Through the development of advanced technologies, we continuously provide innovative, high quality products that foster significant increases in productivity of our industry.

Innovating to generate
infinite possibilities

Our ability to innovate creates infinite and valuable possibilities not only for our Company and its collaborators; but also for the overall network of professionals that cooperate with us in creating a better world.

To nourish the well-being
of the people, providing solutions
to the needs of an
expanding world