Our main objective is to optimize your results through the application of our value proposition.

Our programs, knowledge, use of special additives, technology and continuous technical support, are aimed at making your production unit:

  • Increase the production of kilos of meat or milk per hectare / year.
  • Optimize the load capacity.
  • Increase the efficiency index.
  • Improve the condition of your forage.
  • Achieve greater profitability.

We include our PROKEL™ Organic Minerals in our products. The purpose of this is to guarantee that all the necessary requirements are met in terms of nutritional effectiveness, optimum stability, consistency and maximum bioavailability.

• Our PROKEL™ Organic Minerals are easily absorbed and have a higher degree of assimilation and retention in your animal´s digestive system than inorganic minerals.

• Our PROKEL™ Organic Minerals avoid interaction or competition with other products in the absorption process and prevent antagonism with other minerals and dietary components.

• Our PROKEL™ Organic Minerals improve productivity and yield.

Benefits of Using Prokel™:

Reproductive parameters

• Improves fertility and reproductive efficiency.

• Increases the rate of uterine involution.

• Reduces open days and intervals between deliveries.

• Increases ovulation rate.

• Improves sperm quality.

Animal Productivity

• Improves the transfer of the mineral to milk.

• Increases lean tissue content.

• Increases channel performance.

• Improves efficiency of milk production.

• Improves weight gain.

Immune status

• Maintains epithelial quality.

• Contributes to the reduction of somatic cells in milk.

• Healthier skin and hair.

• Improves the quality of the hooves.

• Increases the health of the udders and nipples.


The products that we offer you in our Premex Bovine Line represent a new concept in nutrition, which contributes to the achievement of high levels of productivity and fertility in cattle.

The inclusion of our state-of-the-art Prokel™ organic minerals allow faster and easier absorption by the digestive system. We offer products that modify the ruminal fermentation, improving the utilization of the forage consumed and the development of the animal's productivity.

Nuclei and Premixes

The combination of our nutritional knowledge and services will make your business more efficient and profitable.

-We develop nutritional schemes fitted to your individual needs.

-We constantly search for new nutritional alternatives that will improve the efficiency of your processes.

-We identify your specific issues and solve them through nutrition.

-We analyze alternative raw materials.

Productive Nutrition through Forage

We make use and take advantage of grass to impact your productivity and profitability. We rely on precise quantitative and qualitative measurements, such as:

-Grass Production.

-Level of grass consumption.

-Analysis of grass quality in our Premex Chemical Analysis Lab.

-Balance of nutrients in the grass.

-Total nutrient intake by animals.


We focus on productive systems to achieve higher yields and profitability. We know that your results will depend on the factors on which we provide monitoring and advice.

Technical Advice

We offer you a structured and ongoing program of accompaniment to help you optimize your productive potential.

Analysis and Evaluation

We focus on key aspects to obtain high impact results. Learn more about our data analysis unit here.

Premex Chemical Analysis Lab

Bromatological analysis and quality of raw materials, validation with proprietary NIRS equations for fodder and cereals. Learn more about our Premex Chemical Analysis Laboratory.