Development + Innovation

It is a critical and transversal area where we develop ideas and capabilities to transform knowledge into effective solutions that enhance the competitiveness of our partners.

Scientists, nutritionists, international experts, analysts and data scientists converge in this area and, together with the expertise of our partners, clients, distributors, providers, universities and the rest of the industry, form a global network that helps producers, our protagonists, to deliver more protein, of better quality at lower cost through knowledge. This is achieved through an exciting innovation process:

Asimetrix: Scientific Data Analysis

Once validated in the field using our experimental units, we analyze the results and transform them into knowledge to make effective and timely decisions.

Committed to the objective of producing more protein, of better quality at lower cost, we believe that integrating technology and analytics with the animal protein sector will produce value initiatives and propositions for the production process that can lead to concrete actions.

“Asimetrix”, a Premex owned Company, generates value through the scientific analysis of data to help:

· Diagnose and discover value initiatives.
· Constantly and objectively monitor the production results of companies.
· Identify factors that are determinant in the productive performance of animals.
· Know, in real time, the events that take place in the field.
· Make timely and accurate decisions.
· Anticipate events.
· Transform knowledge into effective solutions.

It does so by following these 3 important premises:

· Simplify the complex.
· Transform data into knowledge and knowledge into profitability
· Anticipate events.

Smart farm

All through a smart farm concept that you can check out here: